Aboyne Highland Games  |  August 6, 2022


Clan Baird Society Worldwide is planning a tour of Scotland in 2022 that mirrors the tour taken by Clan Baird Society members in 1997.

The tour will begin around July 26th and end at the Aboyne Games through August 7th. We will have more information soon. Flights will be leaving August 8th, unless people want side trips, especially for the Royal Edinburgh International Tattoo.

This will be a semi-inclusive tour. We hope many of you can join us, but if you choose to have your own Scotland adventure, please schedule time to be at the Aboyne Highland Games, August 6th to join us in the Clan Baird Society’s 50th Anniversary festivities!

More information will follow throughout the year, either through

The Gryphon newsletter or direct email.