CAMBUSNETHAN LINE  The Cambunethans were the original Bairds in Scotland. They lived in Lanarkshire and owned the Castle and Baird's Tower.  All the other Bairds are believed to have come from this line.  The line died out in daughters, as so many Baird lines do, but they are chronicled in the Memoire of the Somervilles, the family that one of the daughters married into, and they lived in the Baird Tower.

SAUGHTONHALL LINE The Saughtonahalls are very interesting.  They claim to be from Henry of Posso, in Pebbleshire, and the beginnings of the Auchmeddens.  They are descended from a far junior line of Auchmedden, according to records, but not from the main line.  They lastly owned an estate in Edinburgh, but it was sold by the 20th century.  There is a Saughtonhall Park left in Edinburgh, which has been rennovated in the last year, and is quite beautiful. It is the grounds of the old estate.  The house no longer stands.

NEWBYTH LINE The Newbyth line has been ended and begun several times.  The latest line was named when Sir David Baird, a very famous soldier during the Napoleanic Wars, was awarded the defunct barony for his service to the Crown.  The Newbyth Estate was also sold, but the house still stands and is now sub-divided into flats.

ORDINHAVAS LINE The Ordinhavas line moved north from Lanarkshire, breaking away from the Cambusnethans very early.  They were helped by the Earl of Huntley, who made sure they had lands in the Boyne Forest.  The moved on up into the islands, it is believed and Walter Baird of Ordinhavas is the first Baird to be called "Chief" in documents of his time.  His daughter, Lilias, married Gilbert Baird of Auchmedden and the two lines merged once again.  Lilias and Gilbert were reported to have 32 children, and modern Bairds try to claim that they are not related to one another.  What a joke that is!

AUCHMEDDEN LINE The Auchmedden line lived for more than 300 years on the shores of the Pennan coastline.  The more than 6000 acre estate was home to the Bairds who lived more a highland life than the other groups.  The estate had more than six large farms that were run by tenants of the Laird, who lastly lived in a large manor house at the Mains of Auchmedden Farm.  There was a castle close to this house, but it was destroyed very early.  The last Laird, William Baird the 7th, was forced to sell the estate due to debts incurred during the Rising of 1745.  He was in support of Bonnie Prince Charlie, and after Culloden, had to go into hiding for several years.  His children dispersed to the far corners of the earth, and he died in Aberdeen in 1775.

GARTSHERRIE LINE It is believed the Gartsherrie line descended from a junior line of the Cambusnethans.  They were farmers in Lanarkshire until Alexander Baird had eight sons, and they as a group developed the William Baird Iron and Coal Company of the 18th and 19th centuries.  The differing lines of this family bought back all the forfeit lands of Bairds around Scotland.  The Bairds of Rickarton, Ury, and Lochwood, Elie and Durris, Strichen, and several others, are all part of the Gartsherries.  They are the latest Bairds to "make good".  One of them even recovered the estate of Auchmedden in 1853, which the Gartsherries retained until 1925.

If you would like to know more, this link is to the now published Memoriall of Baird that was presented to the Lord Lyon with the Petition requesting a Commander of Clan Baird be named.

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