Clan Baird Gathering 1977

Lady Diana Holman

John Holman

Emma Holman

Constance Baird, Nova Scotia

Catharine and David Erskine

Sir David Baird of Newbyth

Deborah Baird, Nova Scotia

Marion and A. Gordon Archibald

Marion and A. Gordon Archibald

Rosie MacRae

David Baird Rose

Mrs. H.E. Gordon-Duff

Victoria Wilkins

Sir Thomas Baird

Lady Baird

Francis Baird, Convenor of Clan Baird Society



Gathering 2019

The August 2019 gathering was the largest in almost 300 years.

There were 73 Bairds assembled and ready to enjoy the Family Convention called by the Lord Lyon. We very much appreciated the work of Sir George Way of Plean, Carrick Pursuivant, who was our reprensentative from the Lord Lyon's office.  We met at St. Leonard's Hall, University of Edinburgh, and voted to request that Richard Holman-Baird become our Commander.  The Lord Lyon appointed him and we are now growing and trying to bring all branches of the Bairds back together into a modern Clan structure.


Clan Baird Gathering 2017

The Bairds gathered at the Boat Inn, Aboyne, Scotland for lunch for the first time since 1997, in May 2017.  It was a small but mighty group! In the photo, from the left, Richard Holman-Baird, Ross Baird, Erin McCanna, Doreen Baird, Karen Baird Scott in the back, Bethany Scott and Genie Gallagher, Debra Baird in the back, Lady Diana Holman  in the beautiful lavender sweater, and Heather Snyder behind her.

Bairds at Rickarton House 2019.JPG

Rickarton House Gathering 2019

Gathering at Rickarton House, August 2019 for the signing of a Sister City Twinning agreement between Athens, Alabama and Stonehaven, Scotland.