Clan Baird Society Worldwide is the

oldest and largest

Clan Baird

organization in the world

Trips to visit Scotland, especially the estates of Rickarton and Ury, were a central part of the early days, and Bairds from the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand were always welcome to visit with the Holmans and Bairds, as they continue to be welcomed by the Clan Baird Commander, Richard Baird and his family.  Traditional Highland hospitality has never been better observed than by the family of Rickarton, Stonehaven. 

In 2010, Clan Baird Society became incorporated as Clan Baird Society Worldwide, and began functioning as a non-profit organization. In 2019, Clan Baird Society Worldwide Foundation, Inc. was established, and many plans are in the pipeline to preserve our heritage through archives, retrieving Baird relics and manuscripts, and setting up a permanent base in Scotland to safeguard our treasures.

Two of our Kilted Race Winners!.JPG

The Society began with Frances Baird and her husband Byron Owsley Baird and a small group of very enthusiastic Bairds, one Florida summer in the early 1960's. Unfortunately, Byron died in the very early days of the formation of all we know today, but Frances kept working and was the Convener of the group for many, many years.  She built Clan Baird Society, with all the people around the United States, Scotland and anywhere in the world who wanted to see our family come back together.


Some of those people were Dale Fenton Baird, Robert G. "Bob" Beard Jr. of  Florida, Robert Baird of Michigan, Vincent Baird of Utah, Wrex Diem of Michigan, Captain Richard Baird of Virginia, Larry Burns of North Carolina, Ross Baird of Aberdeen, Scotland, Jack Baird of England, Joan and Willie Baird of Clydebank, Scotland, Lord James Ian Baird Keith, Earl of Kintore, Viscount Stonehaven, and his wife Countess Delia, Lady Diana Holman and her husband John, The Honorable A. David Baird, Georgia Capshaw of Kansas and Mississippi, Dr. Justus Baird of Georgia, James D. Baird of New York, and many, many more.   These were the people who worked tirelessly to build what is now the strength of Clan Baird Society Worldwide.