Clan Baird Society Worldwide Foundation supports Scotland and Scottish culture, preserves and restores Clan Baird artifacts and sites in Scotland, and protects all things Scottish

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The Clan Baird Foundation is new and has two main initiatives for 2020.  First, we wish to look for Baird lands that can be purchased in trust, to be kept for all Bairds into perpetuity.  Second, we are working to preserve the graves in the Baird Aisle and other graves at old St. Drostan's Kirk on the Auchmedden Estate, close to the beach of Aberdour and the town of New Aberdour.  We hope to also preserve the Saint's Well that is on the beach near the Kirk.  St. Drostan, who came to Scotland circa 580, to Christianize the Picts, is said to have landed on the beach and the well opened for the men from the ship to have fresh water.

If you know about the historical lore around Saint's Wells, you are aware that each is considered to be a miracle within themselves, and more than that, are said to help those pilgrims who stop to pray or just ask for assistance while there. St. Drostan was extremely important to the early Christians of Scotland, and with St. Colomba, build monasteries at Deer, several kirks in the area, and a hermitage in Glen Esk, in Angus County, close to Aberdeenshire.

Bob Watson, who grew up on the Auchmedden Estate, walking on the beach at New Aberdour, near the Kirk and St. Drostan's Saint's Well.

St. Drostan's Old Kirk, New Aberdour Beach, on the old Auchmedden Estate.

Stone shell that is place at the St. Drostan's Well, New Aberdour Beach

The tomb of George Baird of Auchmedden, written in Latin.