Bairds came to Canada after Culloden, and due to the Highland Clearances.  Distinct groups settled close to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Perth-Andover, New Brunswick, and Ontario city.

The Bairds of Canada are very famous and were involved in the pioneer settling and development of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Ontario.


The Bairds of Atlantic Canada was a very active organization during the 1960's to the 1990's.  Page Keith Baird was the final convenor of that group, and still lives in South Upper Onslow, Nova Scotia on the family farm.  Colin Baird of Ontario is a Clan Baird Leader and Commissioner for Canada. 

New Brunswick  Col. Baird's father was probably the first Baird settler in New Brunswick He accepted a position as a school teacher in the 74th Regiment, quartered in Dublin, with the understanding that after 7 years of service in America he would receive 200 acres. The Regiment was stationed in Fredericton and in due course John Baird received his land. Others of his family also obtained land and they formed a community Bairdsville. From these families, are descended many of the Baird's in New Brunswick.

Nova Scotia  The Baird families in the Truro area of Nova Scotia are also descended from immigrants from Ireland, although they may not be directly related. In 1762 the British Government wanted settlement in Nova Scotia and provided assistance to those who came. One of the families among a group of settlers from Ireland was Thomas Baird. Thomas was granted 740 acres of land in Londonderry Township, about 8 miles west of Truro. Other families can be found all over Nova Scotia but predominately in Pictou County, Cumberland County, Cape Breton and the urban area of Halifax

Newfoundland   In Newfoundland, Baird's have been active merchants and businessmen since the 1840's. James and David Baird came to Newfoundland from Saltcoats in Scotland and in 1853 formed a partnership, Baird Brothers. Later James Baird became a limited liability company. He was known as the "Hampden of Newfoundland" because of the actions he took against Sir Baldwin Walker who was trying to suppress Mr. Baird's lobster factories at St. George's Bay. He was appointed to the Legislative Council in 1908. Other families of Baird's can be found in St. John's and other parts of the Province.